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Temporary Delivery Schedule

Current Service Update - 5th October 2020


Barwick delivery service is now back to our normal full schedule in all but a few area’s. 

Please click here to download the current delivery schedule.

Office & Sales Office
Tel 01274 687555    |   Email sales@barwick.co.uk  |  www.barwick.co.uk

All departments at Barwick HQ are back to full strength and the sales office is open standard hours - 08.00 to 17.30, Monday to Friday.  For up to date stock information and product listing please go to www.barwick.co.uk 

External Sales Team
The Barwick External Sales Team are now back to full working hours.  If you need any assistance from any of our Area Sales Managers, please refer to page 4 of the Barwick Price book for contact information.



Dear Customer,

Once again we would like to extend our best wishes to all of you and your families during this time.  

We would like to make you aware of plans to resume Barwick’s service.  Over the past 2 weeks enquiries through our sales channels have been growing and whilst many showrooms are still closed, emergency and current refurbishment projects require a supply chain to support its activity. Of course, safety of our staff and customers is paramount and measures are currently being put into place to protect customers as well as our own team.

From Monday May 11th, Barwick will be open for business. However, the opening will be phased and there will be some differences to the norm, so we urge you to take note of information below to ensure we can work together over the coming weeks.

Whilst the information below states our intentions, we will be guided by the Government.  Changes therefore may be necessary to meet regulations, which we will communicate with you if required. 

Sales Office
Tel 01274 687555    |   Email sales@barwick.co.uk  |  www.barwick.co.uk

We have staff working remotely now to take any enquiry or order by email or via our website. Phone lines will be open from 8.00am on 11th May and the opening hours of Monday to Friday 8.00 to 5pm will apply until further notice.

Stock levels are excellent and we are ready to take orders. However please note; we will NOT be operating a next day service. See below.

Deliveries / Returns / Collections
Our first deliveries will be made on 11th May. 
The phased introduction will mean a reduced service and you will receive deliveries, depending upon location, between 1 and 3 times per week, subject to business levels. A map that can be downloaded here – click here to download the delivery schedule.   During each delivery, the safety of all parties must be considered and drops will be made only under conditions that allow ‘distancing’ measures. Our drivers have been instructed to wear their PPE and that where assistance is required we would expect all customers to be doing the same.

Returns will not start until May 25th. Our drivers have been instructed to make delivery to your doorstep. Collections from your premises should be organised in the normal manner, but as with deliveries, products must be handled with gloves/masks and will be quarantined once returned to Barwick. This may delay the business being aware of the return for a few days and we ask for your patience in this matter. We have to work together for business to continue at this time and we would appreciate your understanding and support.

Collections can be made from the Barwick Warehouse, but again with social distance measures in place.  Please ensure that your driver has assistance, as items will be placed near the van for loading into your vehicle.

External Sales Team
Within the first phase of our opening the Barwick Area Sales Managers will not be coming back to the business. If you have any queries at all that ordinarily may have been directed to your local Area Sales Manager, please call or email the Barwick Sales Office who will be at your disposal as usual.  Tel 01274 687555 or email sales@barwick.co.uk,

Please keep an eye out for future updates to our service, which will be sent to you in this form as soon as there are any developments.  Please forward this email to anyone in your business who may need to know about any of the information detailed above.

Once again, thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in the very near future 
Gary Campbell
Managing Director





Barwick are a leading distributor in the UK of Quality Bathroom Brands

We provide a huge portfolio of products and a range of services to assist Bathroom Specialists, Plumbers Merchants, and Builders Merchants.

In addition to next day delivery in most areas Barwick offer a range of important services including:

A comprehensive user friendly price catalogue is designed as a showroom sales aid with all products coded, fully dimensioned, illustrated for easy product identification, and shown with retail prices to facilitate face to face client discussions.

Click on the maps below to view a full size PDF of our delivery schedule & the areas covered by our ASM's.