(Username is your Barwick account number)

Click here for instructions.

Existing Barwick customers all have an online account waiting to be activated. Use the initial login details sent to you in the post and by email. If you don’t have these details you can email webhelp@barwick.co.uk to request your activation details.

New customers will be sent their initial login details shortly after opening an account. If you are a new Barwick customer and haven’t had activation details yet please email webhelp@barwick.co.uk and we will send your initial login details to you by email.

Click here to re-set your login details. This will send an email to the email address linked to the account when it was activated.

Click create new order and type in your order name
> Select pricing (retail, trade or both)
> Add products to the basket

You can change the price view at the bottom of your order basket.
Choose from Retail ex VAT, Trade ex VAT (your buying price) or both.

Click Save order for later at the bottom of your order basket.
This order can be retrieved at a later date.

My Settings
My Orders

My Settings
My Buying Prices / Terms
View your terms on screen or download a copy for your records.

Contact Barwick here

My Settings
Account Details
If any of these need updating there is an option to email us your details.

Below the basket select create a quote to send to your customer.
If you want to offer a discount to your customer, enter details here.
Create Quote.
Enter details in to all sections of the form.
Save PDF to create a PDF quote which you can send to your customer.

Top Tip… We recommend that you save a copy of any quote PDFs you create for your records.

My Settings
Request Images

Top-Tip… If you have any specific requirements or want pictures of specific products please enter this information in Special Requirements.

My Settings
Download Price List At the moment this price list shows retail ex VAT prices. We will be bringing you the facility to download an excel file with your retail and your buying prices in the future.

Top Tip… If you want to be alerted to any updates of this excel file make sure you submit your details on this page which will sign you up to receive emails from Barwick including price updates, special offers and important product information.

These documents are available by contacting Barwick. We are working to make these documents available online.

At present we cannot accept payments online. All payments can be made through the Barwick accounts office by BACS, cheque, or credit/debit card. Call the Barwick accounts team on 01274 700940 to make a payment.

You will receive an acknowledgement when your order is placed. Barwick will contact you if necessary, otherwise your order will arrive when you requested. More in-depth order tracking is being developed for the future.

At the moment the website is limited to one login per Barwick account. We are developing a system where several people at the same branch can login and order under their own username.